For the Community


Campus Resources

  • UW–Madison and the State Budget — Provides ongoing news, context and other information on the budget process
  • State Budget Toolkit — The UW–Madison state budget toolkit covers the basics of the 2023-2025 state budget, including the process, the requests from UW–Madison and UW System, details on how you can get involved and important resources.
  • Overview of the State of Wisconsin Biennial Budget Process
  • Budget in Brief — Illustrates UW–Madison’s revenue sources and how they are distributed. Provides information about funding sources, expenditures, student financial aid, fund balances, and the university’s economic impact.
  • Data Digest — comprehensive quantitative information on the major dimensions of the UW–Madison, including students, faculty, staff, and budget

Legislative Resources

Get Involved

UW Connects

These programs bring the UW to you one experience at a time. Connect with the University beyond the borders of campus.

  • Badger Talks connects you to UW professors and other experts by bringing them to your community for talks on topics important to you. Explore the options with Badger Talks.
  • Bucky’s Classroom connects K-8 students in Wisconsin with UW helping to promote the value of higher education.
  • Badger Ambassadors are UW students you can invite into your community, to engage with your organization and to share the impact of UW promoting the value of higher education.


Staying informed and aware is key to your advocacy efforts. UW–Madison aims to share the work of the university in many ways.

  • Know the university’s unique story.  UW–Madison has made it our mission to benefit all citizens of the Badger state. Learn about UW–Madison’s state impact.
  • The Wisconsin Alumni Association® has a dedicated group working to create a public dialogue about the importance of higher education in our state and generate support for UW–Madison. Learn more about these efforts.


In addition to supporting the university as public citizens, many at UW–Madison bolster the image of the university through outreach. Each day, members of our campus community extend the knowledge, expertise, and resources of campus through outreach activities held throughout the state.

Read more about statewide outreach activities.

Track and add “statewide outreach” activities to the UW Events calendar.

There are many ways to be an advocate for UW–Madison. As state employees, faculty and staff follow guidelines regarding advocacy. A general rule of thumb is advocacy activities must be done separately from work time or work locations, and employees must use only personal resources. Learn more about guidance for UW employees.